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  • $20 Pin less Rechargeable

$20 Pin less Rechargeable

  • Product Code: PRC_0020

  • $20.00

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$15 Pin less Rechargeable – this is used from US to call Philippines Landline or Cellphone. No Connection Fee, No hidden Charge, 1 minute increments NEW PINLESS RECHARGEABLE CARD "NO MORE PIN"

106 mins anywhere in the Philippine landline using local access
88 mins anywhere in the Philippines Cell phone using local access

How to Place a call:

1) To place a call: (From Registered Phone)
2) From Mainland USA, Pls. Dial: 1.888.333.0979.
3) From Hawaii, Pls. Dial 1.888.777.0903
4) From Alaska, Pls. Dial 1.888.777.0139
5) Enter the country code, area code, phone number, THEN PRESS#
6) DO NOT press TALK/SEND after press # key when using cell phone)
a) For USA & Canada dial: 1+Area Code + Telephone Number
b) For International dial: 011+ Country Code + City Code + Telephone number
c) Use Local Access Number for more minutes.(Call Customer service to get your local access number)

Customer Service 1-888-366-5273

Important Note: For first time recharge please call customer service for assistance your phone number needto be registered prior to reloading. The phone card only works if you are living in United States. ALl reload will be completed only during our normal business hours

User Agreement: By using this card, user accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Disclaimer of warranty: Except as otherwise provided in this contract, the distributor or the network provider makes no guarantee, warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the condition, merchantability or fitness of the information or communication service offered by this card. 
Limitation of liability:In no event shall the distributor and/or the network provider be liable for any direct or indirect damages as a result of this service. The sole liability of the distributor and/or the network provider shall be limited to a refund of the cost of the unused portion of the card. The distributor and/or network provider are not responsible for lost, stolen or misused cards. This card has no surrender value and is not refundable. Weekly maintenance fee applies. Additional fees apply based on the duration of the call. Calls made from payphones are subject to additional charge. Other surcharges may apply. Rates, surcharges, fees or billing increments vary and are subject to change without notice. Minutes quoted are based on one call per card and do not include fees and surcharges. Local phone companies' charges may apply. International calls to mobile (cellular) numbers may be billed at a higher rate. If for any reason you experience difficulties with this card, please call customer service.

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